Contact : 
                     Andy Caver Mills: +45  5253 1956
                                Rolf Mulde: +45  2278 7106


The band was formed in 2007, and played in various musical constellations in the 70th´ies, together and separate on many
 folk & rockscenes / festivals abroad and at home. Hornfiffen, Krĝlle Erik´s Blues- Band, Savage Rose og Akeleje certainly are Bands that brings memories in people, also concerning all the beautiful music that were played at that time.  

The repertoire of Peculiar Stringband, includes traditional Reels/Jigs/ Irish ballads mixed by our own compositions, supplied with a steaming Blue-Grass  - which is timeless and covers several hundred years of music, and yet still covering the musical time we are living in.

Instr.: Andy Caver Mills: Guitar, flutes, bodhrán, perc. og vocal.  UK      

           Jens Peters: Bass, guitar. DE

           Tuck Bergman: Guitar, mandolin og vocal. S

           Rolf Mulde: 5-strings-banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar og vocal. NL 

           Ole Ped: Flutes, guitar, bodhrán og vocal. N




Photo: Franz St.'s         Streetband, Dublin, Ireland