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- a little from our rehearsals ....






   Songs & Tunes:

 Give Me Your Hand
 Boys of Bluehill
 39 Hours - Three More Lassies
Farewell to Ireland
 Navy on Line

               Ce Begg Ce Moir


Recorded by Jan Brødsgård
Swollywood Studio, Roskilde,
with 2 room microphones.
We were in lack of time to do an additional setup.
But thank´s again Jan !


Photo: Jogorman
Peculiar "Live" at Rejsestalden, Jægerspris 2012 :
Where a former member of Peculiar, Søren Ink Jacobsen,
contributes with his wonderful flute, and playing his mandola and mandolin.


           Oldies but goodies ! - recordings by "Hornfiffen"
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Humlebæk Havns 200 års Jubilæum





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